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Find, compare and save on energy with a solar power system from a solar panel installer in your area. Search by city, state or zip. Contact by phone, email or web link. Make solar power companies compete for your business!

Our solar directory offers licensed and qualified residential or commercial solar panel installers with experience looking for business. Find a local Arizona, California, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Michigan or Pennsylvania solar energy system with installation companies to bid for your business. Learn about solar rebates and tax credits that can reduce the costs. Get detailed information on solar energy and how to make the most from a residential or commercial solar power system.

Why Solar Power?

A photovoltaic solar energy system can reduce or in some cases eliminate the monthly electric bill. With solar panel and installation cost becoming more affordable, it makes more financial sense than ever before. At the same time, solar panel efficiency is increasing thus producing more power output from each solar panel system. In addition, if your solar panels produce more electricity than you can use, the electric company pays you for the difference. This means you can actually make money on a solar energy system. Photovoltaic solar panels are warrantied from 10 to 25 years delivering stable, reliable and long term savings. It also increases the value of your home.

Residential Solar System

A residential solar system provides clean, safe and renewable power from the sun while saving money and our planet. And technology has significally reduced the cost of solar panels making it more affordable than ever. With a federal tax credit and incentives from electric companies, photovoltaic solar energy has become a viable solution to any home. Save money, our planet and our childrens future.

Commercial Solar System

A commercial solar system is becoming more popular as it reduces energy cost and overhead thus putting more profits to the companies bottom line. Producing clean and renewable energy sets an example for the business community that saving our planet means more than just making money. It's our responsibility to our employees, customers and the future of our children. Learn the tax benefits and incentives that can make a commercial solar power system installation perfect for any business.